The Nutcases and the Library

There are always nutcases
in the library - one sits
tears welling up a cause of
long lost love, of words
strung and spilled, another

hum-hrumph-huh .. in the aisle

and the breathy air conditioning
background hum
to life
has seen them come and go -
	the nutcases -
wo-wo-wo-huh, hrumph, ha
	turn turn turn

quiet softling of pages, ho-ho
and the tears
they welled there, ageless

with nothing more to say
no words
at the quiet sun Friday
at the commonplace

all the things that went away
all the words
vanished in a network
and flick-switch
screen flicker - they are all

at button-touch
no pages left to turn
no thick cream laid paper
	printed by
ha.ha.  I saw them
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