The Guardian

O bright being I cannot see
With your quiet hands, wide wings
Ever here inside the lining of my life
Ready with your catch and hold
Your soft hands and width of heart
Your watching eyes and radiance.

You love me or you would not stay.
You care about my tasks or you
Would not warn me when I stray.
I owe you much: O Guardian who
Has guided, held, consoled,
Laid me clues that I would find
So I knew what to do -
But for you I would have
Taken wrong roads long ago
And lost myself in undergrowth.

I would not know the fresh winds of this hill;
The gleaming sun I warm my hands upon;
The landscape seen and known I live within;
I would not know your name, the long task done

Selflessly, for my sake -
You: my keeper and my friend.
I lean on you with trust and know
You help me bend not break.
You hear my pleas and answer me.

How can I repay 
Such ceaseless vigil
Known yet unseen
And maintained for so long?
You do your job too well -
You leave me too deep in your debt.

I am humbled by your sacrifice
Yet I have tales to tell, a given skill
That will weigh the scales of grace
In your favour, help redress 
All honour done my lack:
All you've given I will give back.
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