You banged the trunk down
with your hand
and the tree took root
roots grasping outward
for new soil
and up above, the branches
dull and bare, all brown,
began to rustle, share the
excitement borne from that
dark place, and a silent
greening dusted all their

It was a season of growth 
that you began,
that old tree wilting
in old soil
had almost died
but for your hand's
removal from earth done,
sucked dry.

And now, the summer almost come,
the tree is larger, wider, green
and budding furiously.
It will not know 
what it can be 
until it grows stronger, wilder,
knows potential
seeping-in from your rich soil
new and gathered in its arms
enough to make
its old sun flare
brighter than it's ever been -
a new one cast
both rich and strong -
no heart all bent and dull 
but a burning one
burning there
re-forged in gold set free.
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