The Caretaker

It courses through my veins
This fiery thing of change and
Moving times - I go hence
From this place of you to
My life of striving, leave 
Death and stasis with its pallid
Mourning face and accusations. 
My fresh fire rages 
Vortex and challenge, it
I will myself to be
At all and any cost 
As God meant me - not
Bowed by your whip's threats.
I am extra-terrestrial, I
Cast no shadow, walk 
New air, breathe clean water
From a vessel your
World cannot malign.  I wheel  
Burningly, my steady hub
Holds me to what is.  I am
Exultation: eat cake, drink
Wine, bite your cock your
Manhood your appendage is
Mine and rage at its stinging
Life of ills and wants, wants, it
Wants outside intention's 
Willingness to align what you do
With what is right.  Begone foul
Dwimmerlaik, Lord of Carrion -
Let me move, turn, save you
From yourself - I alone
Caretake your truth intact - 
Young heart good and true in my
Two hands to hold for you and
Yield them back at the
Right time when you need them -
Older - when you consider 
What you did, how you acted,
And repine.
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