May the Flame within you burn bright, strong and
True - may its Fire sustain you in all that you do; 
May its Heat burgeon your self-belief; may you don 
Its Cloak of Steady Light; may it ever illuminate your
Feet as you tread your unique route; may your
Path ahead be forever lit.

May the Seam of Gold within lie deep, thick and
True - may it be a shining thing, a priceless 
Mine of nuggets richer than any coin; may its 
Wealth be the gleam everlasting in your eyes; 
Its Resourcefulness help you Count and Weigh 
All things worthily.

May your Internal Sun forever rise; may you be always
Vigorous; may your Sun's power build your Form, enhance
Your Skill; may it be your Bread, your Fruit, your Wine;
May your Spirit draw sustenance from it; may it always
Feed you heat and growth and nutrition of Love; may it
Ignite your Body, Mind, and Will to Flower.

May you always be happy within and without; may you
Ever move toward what you most hope for.
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