Edge I

Stare at this edge
Now large and real
No more ideal it
Splits my ground
Right here.

Freeze with fear.
Stomach-knots expand and 
Contract trepidation.
It comes - moment
Of long thought,

Long sought.  Cold feet.
On its brink, face
Smarts in the wind, peer
Over this sharp cleft my
Beginning and end.

Draft at my feet.  What if
I sink without trace.  What if
I loose the rope and
Let myself down easy.  I must
Graft a new life

Onto the old an extra
Limb.  Perform the feat
Of using it and
Keep smiling, live in
A new form with a

New personality array
To match.  And keep
Smiling.  Through all
Thick and thin terms
I must don its

Fabulous lines, new
Gowns, hope I don't
Squirm or offend when they
Anoint me my winnings -
O Fortuna - stroke just

Over the edge and down.
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