Rose and Gold

The scent of coffee
your quick sandals
and the hum of the 
machine - backlit - you 
say so you don't 
need the light, takes 
your words like a mouth

tonight the sky was 
light with gold, painting 
the sandstone opposite 
to deep rose,
and the rasp of your chin 
growing, unusual, 
and the light in your eye 
undimmed, the wall 
	turned red at sunset

your night whisky
calms the blood, the heady
day of doing
so you can lie
still, and sleep,
and added
mint chocolate
your display
	of wares, your needs

our small housel
is filled with these - the
taste and smell
of your things, the feel
of wax in your hair -
slightly sticky - the
sweet smell of sweat -
	your dark pores
	near my face

the race of our days take us
I grasp your hand
and press your skin, the
   love alive in 
transference and grace

I watch the people
opposite, my line of sight mute
outgoing, my stunted
walk the pain
of my days as I grasp them
try not to let go

I come home to your face
the press of your ways 
all brightnesses, the 
tough underwater watch 
your right eye clocks 
tells you to turn
   to me again, leave 
the unruly places
	come home

I smell the coffee on
	the clink of glass 
	the slide of cutlery
my heart warms to
sound and smell - they
mean health
and wealth in little I
	not want to pass

I grasp you to me 
	like toughness, like
I could hold you forever - 
	your sweet face -
near your skin, the ticklish
hair on your chest 
	is my place -
your strong thigh

I thank God for you
	in the arms of sound
and sense I lie
	naked, placed,
there is nowhere else -
a cup and a glass
encompass with

mundanity - and 
	a Chekov play
    on TV - 
a million places
	in life, the seconds
and you spend them
	with me.
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