Close I

I listen for
your returning footsteps -
quick weight
on the stone.    In here
the bed is warm and
quiet, and less
is more.   I am ill
from breathing too much
cold air - your strong
and soothing hand
on my back put some
heat back there.
And my eyes are clear
heart brimming
for you
and I long to breathe
your air - your presence
here the rock
I build my hope upon -
your strong arm
strong enough for both
love and
no harm - the room
is dim, and I am
come to this, these
thinking days, and hope
for the future rises
slow, for the past is
close behind, and
mellow with tears - I
wear well here, my body
close-in to yours
and in the darkness
words and skin - you are
all I am
and I brim with longing
and wait
and listen
for your versatile
step on the stair -
your energy
bringing you here
close-in to my heart
our touching skin
uncanny with loving
our twinned lives
and blessed.
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