come down

the air cool
on my skin -
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again -
and you up a hill
with friends

my thought spools out 
like threads 
wrapping my sighs 
as I tell time 
with my eyes

the windows are blankly 
disguised, the slow people 
shuffling within 
their living lives blocked 
with too much speech

close your lips, say 
nothing, your 
breath is all I need 
and look down 
at your feet standing

before me here 
in our hall - this is 
our fragrant hill, these 
walls this room - our 
grass the bed our 
flowers we lay down

your arm strong 
around me as I take 
your air, and love hangs 
like a rainshower 
cooling skin 
and we are drinking

pearls and stones 
I pick up, twisted wood, 
rooks and crows land 
not far from me

and the trees sway, rich 
with cones, near the 
stream bails out of 
vicinity and keeps on its 
saturnine way

the house was strong 
and sure of its own 
weight, solid with 
mountain and 
much time - the driveway

led away, led here, the 
gate open to hold 
our departure like arms 
and the gentle 
laburnums with their 
yellow jewels

hover near me now
this room, this table,these
words        I prefer
to say nothing        for the
silence rules

and all these tiny moments 
I gather to me like 
beads, emeralds, water- 
lilies, the water calm 
and the horizon blue a deep blue line

I see the sunset, the 
raving gold and wonder 
what God told me 
to be, and what I 
heeded, and what I 
needed and what I 
missed, left behind, 

you are sweet to me 
and I eat you 
like fruit - you 
make me greedy 
you make me fall -

your tall hill is 
green and wet, 
the rain falls 
on your face and you 
stand there and take 
stand there and take 
and I approve -

plod safe, shod sound 
come back to me 
come down 
to our love - 
make me full 
of your eyes 
and your ways 
prove your maps 
and your signposts 
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