Resolving the mirror

Resolve, revolve, evolve -
Stare at yourself in the mirror -
Who is the fairest of them all?

Who is that pale echo
Staring back at you?
Bravery is all very 

Well but when silence is your
Second skin where is the reward -
What have you won -

The right to walk alone under the
Sun's eye and be glad, that's what.
You may well sigh, tired echo of me

In the glass but at the last count,
8 years of your life went gliding by,
Swept through the current of your

Pen's blue inkings on all your
Blank pages - did you read them? Think.
Think.  Will you sink now and 

Dissolve your echo in her mercury?
Or stay afloat with your own air -
Whose else do you need?  Company -

Who else would you rather be?
Would you rather be a pale echo,
Would you rather be her than me?
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