Liferafts, the sacrament
of the moment, small
D..E. objets d'art  .D..E. you
cling to, carry you
out to sea, liferafts of
minutes saving your

To a better space with
light and air, no salt to
breathe no brine to
drink no burning of the
throat feet sinking?  No.
Intensity of time needs
no escaping from.

All that is alive
is now: the moment
replete with life, the word
carrying it, the thought
carrying it, the mind
active in body and soul
breathing easy.

Cling to the beams, the tiny
beams in your hands, sun
beams, moonbeams, the
skin of time you live within.
The second, second, second
ticking ... is
the only thing real.

Your sacred moment -
give it full concentration
and it yields, yields all
heart's desires.  The past is
a phantom of the mind; the
future is mere filming; the
moment is the now

the liferaft surfing
your life and carrying
you to destiny - it
knows where it goes - follow
by staying on - tie
its rope to you
and don't let go - your

world will unfold you
riches if you stare at its
bright face 
divined and traced in full
in the mirror of the now.
Today vow to live.  Your
raft is sacred and it saves.
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