This is better - a bit of
Grit and encouragement - no
Languishing.  Now then -

I can be as I am today - not
What I was then - same
Body but a different mind.

All right so far - well beyond
Your ken your hurting, I now
Outshine you; my rim is wider

In radius - my being a grand
Circumference that revolves in
Greater arcs than yours.  Yes

That's better - I am unlimited and
Free, whilst you are trapped by
Your ability to grasp money

And flash things.  Your outlook
Prohibits growth and leads to
Stagnant pools and turgid lyings.

I roll pleasantly, watch the
Scenery go by and enjoy my 
Own revolutions.  Selfishness

Sours the heart.  Yours.  Today if 
We were to meet in the streets of
This my home town, I would 

Greet you with compassion and
Affirm my self to your face and
Fling all your bad curses over

My left shoulder like so much
Bad salt.  We would part and you
Wonder where we'd met before.
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