Movement I

Soon you will be gone 
and they 
will not see you 
for the dust of your 
crossing for the 
possibilities like 
wings endowing 
your body with 
the strength to fly - 
pass them all 
pass them all by 
and exult in 
in the casting-off 
in the existing - let 
your hope 
be as froth on 
the crest of a 
wave - be brave.
These things converge
they merge to a
point, a space
an individual event
see the days race away
they take you with them
your past is spent
you cannot repent of anything
you have done any place
been, any face known -
the overall scheme of
things and perceive
the joy that
movement brings -
for you are moving
moving on 
as one whole being:
a being with wings.
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