I fragment,
Have  lost my point
Of reference,
Have  lost the line
I clung to
For a long, long time.

I go under now
After all this trying
I feel my hope
Close over my  head
As I am  submerged
By pain, by sorrow,
How  I am dying.

There is no log left
For me  to grasp
To keep  my head
Above  the rush
The effervescent slash
Of life's sharp-edged
Blades, of fate's
Waters spitting me in the face
And  there is no-one left
To save me  now, all gone
And  no remains of self
Except a hollowed
Space, a place where I
Once  was,
I remember  my sanity -
One  time I had it.

I am  emptied
I am  lost and alone
Unlatching a past that
Clings to my back
An  ugly burden -
I have lost my cause,
All hope bleeds away
Unreal and

Will I ever breathe
Freely now, escape
My  trial, survive?
I bleed my death
On  the floor
In front of no-one's eyes.
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