Going Under

I swallow water, gulp the salt,
Feel the liquid green
Scour ray eyes; close over my
Head, how  cold, clammy, how
Wet  I gasp for air but
Suck-in only pain searing.

Surging up I use my arms for
Bait to haul my weight back
To the light, to fill
Lungs with dry breath of wind
But 1 am dragged away-
Strong and heavy
Tug  at my feet
Pulling me
Down  to water deep and
Darkening surrounds.

It is black as I sink -
The lightness of green
The vividness of
Trees in a wind are
Above me  now, receding.

I am swallowing, my
Heart bursts open for
Someone  to throw me
A line; hook me in
Towards air and sun
But there is no-one

And  I am done, going
Back alone to
Where I was  begun, pain
My  only companion.
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