Giving the particle of

Dust and losing
All in that hour:
I stare into this abyss
Feel it suck at my feet
See its face staring back
Its grin searing in
Feel the venom  in its thought
Pierce my skin it reaches
Up  for me, strong, profane,
Wants  to take me in

And  I struggle
To  retain balance
On  this edge
Against such a mighty king
For  my fledgling wings
Burn  too near this
Dark  sun do 1 stand

And  there is no-one
To  hand me a  dream
Help me  grip the ledge
Of  this place
Keep  me  sane
How  do I stay
Upright with such

Space  homing in
Such  terrible breath
Wearing  me down
Such  creamy darkness
So  easy to fall in.
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