Clean Water

For a while
I looked straight
Into clean water

Its surface pleased me
Being so smooth  like glass
And  in its clear depths

I saw stones of many colours
Strewn  across its bed
These pebbles pleased my eye

With  their roundness and solemnity
All memory  of you
Was  gone

And  I was happy looking
Into what could be
My  only way  of going on

To  be serene and placid
Hope  ringing cleanly in my head
Like any bell

But as  I looked
Your  reflection formed
At  my  shoulder

And  looking down
Was  looking up
At  you staring back

Your  reflection growing strong
And  now  my  pool was
Brown   and murky

All my  stones had gone
The  ruffled surface of the
Water   chopped my eyes

And  my  bell distilled
The  ringing sound a dull

You  dismayed me
By your coming
And  without my glassy water

And  my pebbles to delight my
Eye  with their reds and pinks
And  their round solemnity

I am lost.
I cannot glide on choppy waters
Or dip my  hand in mud

And  I am scared to turn around
Incase you really
Are  there

At my  back
Your hand  waiting patiently
To stroke my  hair.
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