First Fruits

We are plants
We need the right
Soil the right
Growing conditions
Space and light
To survive and
Make something of
Ourselves.  Cut off
A limb or two and
We can grow new ones
But we need
Good food to
Digest to help us
Heal.  Our growing pains
Are real and
All our ribs and
Veins shine
Green with God.  We
Are the leaves
He puts out from 
His one fair form
That is the cultivation
Of his own being.
We are green and
Living only through him
And his planting.
His soil is ours and
His seeds are ours to 
Sow and grow and
Tend with care so we
Bring forth fruit
And are not
Fallow.  He
Wants us to be the
Eden of his mind -
He has imagined it, is
Striving to
Grow the right plants
Good and straight and
True who will fill it
For him and make 
His vision real.
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