Second Seeing

And we only 
Strive to be what
We have lost because
It exists in his mind
And therefore in
Ours.  His vision is
Contagious and he has
Infected us with the same
Desire to be
Brighter, grow higher
Than we are capable of.
We too want to
Recapture what we never had.
It is the
Carrot at the end of
The stick that takes us
Beyond our comprehension
Into realms that
Are not ours.  We only
Follow on because
He wills it
And we see what he
Wants us to.
Ours is a
Second sight 
Conceiving what
Is already dreamed
Since beginning
Time was
Minded by him 
And us 
Become.  We are
Second seers of
His vision and we
Strive to be 
All he has
Already seen.  
We pray to him for 
Things he wants us
To ask.  We will
Find out when
We reach our paradise
That our future was
Our past
And the long voyage out
The voyage home.
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