Being us

Someday this living
Flesh of my calf I
Run my hand along and my
Golden hairs go flat and
Rise, will be dead and
Cold, unmoving, all the
Life of me rinsed dry.  All the
More reason for me to
Love myself and my
Precious body and blood
More now than I
Ever have in the past -
Too see each moment as a
Potential last and
Love myself and love
My life like a bright
Sword buried in the body
Up to its full hilt
Swallowing all of its
Sharp bright blade to
Feel the moment of
Death-in-life ecstatic.

We are the dim people
Living life at half-
Power, half-volume, half-
Measure, when we could be
Full-on blinding lights and noise
Blazing an unmistakable trail
All the way to Alpha
Centauri and beyond
Bright enough for all 
Heaven to see and fall
Head-over-heels in
Love with
And want to come 
Back down here again to
Be us.
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