Square pegs black shoes

The shoe doesn't fit, the
Heel digs-in, and the ball
Is an inch too short of the
Space allocated to it.

Bought after much shop-
Musing about size and width
And usage before the
Big toe hit the black leather -

No amount of cogitating
Did the trick.  Price
Paid I left with disappointing
Boots that were too big.

Shiny, sleek and black, slightly
Outsize for my foot which
Slips within too much room.
I do not fit them, my shoes.

I do not fit my skin.  I
Slide about within, not quite
Meeting on all sides.  I am
Slightly undersize.  Maybe

One day I will grow-in and
Fill my outline, inflate to the
Correct dimension, be a full
Silhouette living life right-sized.
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