Time Treading

I am lulled
By tiredness.
Brain non-functioning,
My thoughts fly in
Disarray.  I am
Arbitrary, cannot
Catch the trapeze
Swinging just
Outside my reach.
Unhinged I am
Unstuck in
Time.  I exist on the
World's fringes
Unfurled like a
Flag and just as
Dissolute - I follow
Any breeze.  I
Took the wrong turn
Back there, lost the
Tail of my thought as it
Ran past and did not
Stop.  It slipped my
Reaching hand.  I
Watched it heeling
On in haste, it
Left me treading,
Tired and winded
After it, fixed within
An irresolute run of
Time and event beyond
My ken.  I cannot
Bend them to my will.
These days I am
Whisked along by
Greater winds than
I understand -
I am noosed and
Fluid.  Currents
Fast-flow past my
Ear, I become
Sucked then dispossessed
Existing in my own
Slipstream, just feeling the 
Rush of being, 
Not living.
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