It is pleasant here: a green
oasis not far from the road,
overgrown, neglected, the
plants allowed to go wild
and follow their inclination.
I sit in the lee of the hedge
and love the birds drinking
or washing in the little bath.

The traffic noise has increased:
people going home from work.
The sparrows' endless cheeps
as they dot about, tending
themselves and their nest.
I tend myself and my past,
soaking in the sun of my
years and enjoying the
green around my heart,
and the little white flowers
on silver stalks forming
a crown for my head.

A gentle place of peace
in this little seaside town.
On the apex of the baked
roof, two grey wood
pigeons stand close, bodies
touch, and kiss, their soft necks
rubbing, such tenderness.
Nature teaches us family
and love, simplicity,
exigency, time and
season, if we'd just look.

One Year Round The Sun
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