Too Far

I have been to the edge
and back
and have tales to tell of
horror, love, and lack, of
holding on
and letting go, of
and vertigo, of
losing all and finding none
of losing grip and
holding on 
of fear and its
paralysing form of 
love being lost
and life being worn - I have
seen the candle burn
and felt the flame - I have
known skin crisping, been
insane, I tell you
now the 
width and depth and
height of life has
boundaries and reaches
you would not like to see
never mind
experience - be
grateful for your
state of diminishment - be
with what you are
and what you  know  - envy
not those
experienced in
extremes for
they are
discalced and have
too far to go.
Jemimah Among the Crows
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