I took my trumpet
one day in May
and decided to blow -
so I huffed and I
puffed and I
blew and blew - I
blew in their faces I
blew in their hair I
blew up their noses and
in their mouths I
blew in their eyes
and I watched the walls
tremble and shake
and I heard their cries
from within their cells
the poor prisoners held
fast in their arms

and the brass of my trumpet
beamed in the sun
the tide of air came
crashing down -

I held my trumpet
bright in my hand
as the air flew around them
their walls of adamant
fragile like reeds

and I blew and I blew
blasting my seeds
till they rooted and grew
and the taller the trees
the slighter the wall
till, the day I stopped blowing
it wasn't there at all.
Jemimah Among The Crows
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