The Angel's Kiss

I feel an Angel
lay her hands on me
calming, blanching,
her hands the hands
of eternity
she bleaches me
to cream, to white
to brightness and the sweet serene
a pale serenity
like a star gleams, gleams
and I let myself
flow to her water, spread
over her blank page
join her fast race, swim the
fast stream
held within her arms.
How she sweeps, she gleans
all of my surrenderings, is
sleeping in the
folds of time, carries
all who fall
within her glassy arms.
She will purify your fear
realign your will.
No devil can penetrate such
whiteness, such space,
no alarms confound the
blankness of the mind in that place
see it stretch
a thousand thousand years, it is
eternity forewarned, foursquare,
Oh let me be so pale
I fall
sweetly, gladly, in her arms
to be scoured, succoured,
bled to a trueness of purpose
a whitening of hope.
Oh let me see the scope 
of infinite possibility - the 
scope of the wide mind's 
boundless wealth 
where no boundaries exist 
to delineate, only an 
endless health of 
existence that is charmed.

I will become one part 
of endlessness itself 
and no harm, no 
harm will come 
to mar that union, despoil 
the kiss.
There, there will
be no hate - love only
and only bliss.
Holy City
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