Pilgrimage II - The Visitation

It descends with the lightness
of feathers, a dropping
of air  and with it comes

clarity: you are given
what was not there,
before.  And a circle clicks

closed, becomes one
and smooth, recognition
dawns bright in your mind

of place and purpose, ease
and sureness, they give you
back, for the briefest

time the piece withheld that
makes you whole: to let
you know your power and strength 

	what can be 

before they take it back,
re-handicap, and you
sink, grey rising, dove leaving

leaving you in a
cold grey world, grey
with despair before the

red and gold feathers came
with lightness, with touch:
the moment of height

the moment of power
and might, the moment
of the paraclete,

the dove alighting in your soul,
filling your caverns,
making you replete and whole.
Holy City
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