Water II

Water shapes the land, its
liquid hand strokes and
strokes the stone - it has
plenty of time - until
the stone bends to its
will, erodes itself before
an element more  powerful

the power of water
shapes our lives, without it
our bodies are
mere crust and our
souls require it to
adjust its softnesses
to exigence and
the demands  of life - we
drink much  moisture in
don't realise

how much it
drives our lives - oceans
are sacred places, the
placenta that
feeds the world and
rains on us in
season, withdrawing 
its own source
into itself
mysterious - its
tidal give and take
mirrors our  heartbeat
feeds the soil, keeps -
our trees green
our grass growing -

salting and
drying in a
scorching sun we
make our own and
thirst becomes our burden
our own hands undone.
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