Triangle III - Oligarch

Silence reigns
Has an autocratic throne
He throws edicts down
And I obey
His sceptre and his crown threaten
I bear my pains

And whose thoughts
Wing to me?
My basket is all empty
And my cupboards bare
Rug lies flat
Filled with dog hair

And by my bed
My mum and dad
They smile at me 
(all symbol, myth and allegory
all vanished charm)
The days were sunny then
They were warm.

But with winter setting in
And time filling trees with rings
I sit and listen
To the wind, my cold friend,
And watch the ice
Grip and gnaw my panes
The snow slowly silting up the light

Till I am frozen here
Silent and upright
Waiting for the Spring's warm hand
To lead me to the ball;
For the King's command
To turn my world
Make my winter fail
And grant me back a life
That renders fair
My banners brave
My flags unfurled.
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