Triangle II - Fairy Tale

And all things are familiar
Stab my eyes.
I travel counterwise
To my life's
Working clock of effort
And shoe leather.

Spinning thoughts make 
Patterns in the air
That no-one sees.
My honesty
It lets me down -
Its blunderbuss attraction
Repels all boarders

So they skirmish, scatter, flee 
Me - just me -
A woman forty minus two
Years of University

Time behind grimed glass
And leaded centuries ahead
Where dust falls thick
And fast and true
Where hallowed words
Are wheeling past on trolleys
And a porter's rush.

I am wheeled here too,
To breathe the city air
And start again -
They'll take my dog
And my white cane

And make me face the spiring tower
And see
The place where I belonged
Upon a time
When I was young
And my world was warm.
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