The black-eyed child

take care o
black-haired child
out there alone in the
wild, wild wood
where monsters roam
ready to eat you
for their food
their daily bread -
predators in the silver
towers and glass
of the fabulously rich
all empty glitter and
despair; all empty air

I feel you there
and my spirit reaches
out to yours to
comfort you. take care
of your life o
black-eyed child -
hold yourself aloof
from monsters and
their crunching teeth
and do not let the
gold they throw at you to
keep you dancing 
buy your precious being

that needs none of it, or them
to live and shine
take care o slender child -
as a river reed that 
bends with too much weight
of water - let not your
placing drown you in its
pain. wake up, be changed
be fey and dangerous enough
in knowing their old game
be brave o black-eyed child
wise-eyed in your wealth
and fame deceiving. stay sane.
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