The Film Star

to want what the
eyes see such
beauty takes the
breath away makes me
pine for the man
up there on the silver
screen pouting and being
someone else beauty
dressed in black black
hair black eyes fair
skin you are my
dreaming hand on 
shoulder lopsided grin 
looking down eyes
lit like coals ah
what struggle dear
one did you do to
climb that high silver
ladder you are on
touching stars and drenching
money fall like
rain to your
gold hand O
Midas man you
buy your throne
with much hard offering
what the prize
that you have won O
Famous one who lives
and dies a life
screened-off from
all our eyes high
walls and tight security
a legacy in gold 
O King who
sits within his
palace concourse
the people flock to see
and bow before his majesty
calls his thanes 
and as they run his way 
wonders how much
he can trust the
lying lights behind their eyes'
eagerness to please
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