The Worker

Thaumaturge - we
raise you no dirge, no
emptiness, we
cross our palms lay
our crosses down, throw
our fronded green beneath
your feet, anoint
our arms, pray
for better times - there are
those among us who have
seen thy healing
with our own eyes - your
laying-on of hands and the
wonder working wierd
before us as the blind
man saw, the crooked
woman walked
straight again - we
raise you no
dirge, we raise your
life as our standard - to
do good and
sacrifice, to put
others' needs before
our own - to
help where we
have the power to do -
we love you, and in
memory of your gain we
lay our hands on
another human being
and give love
its turn, its
airing, its
good gold day.
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