The Weight

I have moved out from under
This weight and
Stare at the road I could not
See before whilst
Under it.  I stand
With my hand on it and
Like it now - it was
Valuable for me but now
I will walk beside it
And talk to it and
Use it for my help.  I will not
Allow myself to be
Bowed-down by it for
Now it has no right to
Oppress me.  It helped me
See and I am
Fond of it but now it will not 
Weight me.  My weight
Has set me free.  And I
Bless those two
That gave it me, and wave
My thanks to them, and shout
I see.  I see.  I will be
Fine now I am
Finally me.  Its cold form
Beneath my hand
Is comforting - it has brought me
Closer down, earthed me
To a lower form nearer
To the place where
My roots run and draw
Their food in.  I am free
But in that freedom I am
Re-grounded more
Sure and firm.
It is stability I feel
Beneath my hand and all the
Land around me that I see
And stand is twinkling
Fresh and green.  I now am
Who I am so light and
Greening that I can 
Run unseen.  I have no
Weight to bear me now
But I have found that 
I am out from under it
And walking with a friend.
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