The Maze

The heart of the maze
Is the core of self-being
Realised, and in the
Walking and the turning
And the doubling-back are we
Fulfilled in ourselves and
Brought to fruition.

The other half of life
Is a walking back in and
Through and out but 
This time with the key
To turn the wood our
Way and reach the
Exit that is the
Entryway and
Recognise it knowingly
As if for the first

Then we become the maze
Itself - its pattern identified
As our life's form and line - the
Labyrinthine correspondences
Defining us and God
Gazes down upon, well-pleased

At the puzzle he has made
And left us in
To turn and turn again
To return and become
Our own grand plan
Comprising his eyes' design
And our own centring as we
Walked our lives and in so doing
Pleased him.
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