The View II

This is a high place
And the view is fine.
I have a nice seat on
Which to sit and
Admire the land spread
Out below me.  The Lord
Put me here with a
Helping hand, he
Put his shoulder to my
Boulder once he'd 
Seen I was willing
And trying to
Push it uphill.  And here
I am, the viewpoint
Mid-way.  I have
Stopped to mop my brow and
Get my breath back
That he took from me
And to wave goodbye
To all the ones I left
Behind far down
There.  I am scared of
Heights too, and the
Way is far to fall.  The
Peak behind me looks so
High I don't believe I can
Ever climb it but I
Know I must try.  But
For now I catch my
Breath, have a rest
And admire the fine
View - the landscape I
Fought through and
Won the right to
Climb toward the
Sun.  It shines
Behind me now
And bathes my
Hands with gold.
I am a servant of
The one I love: my
Lord.  And each
Step brings me
Closer to his throne.

Right.  Rest over.
I must go on.  The job
Is not yet done for
Which I was born and
Made progressively bold.
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