The Vessel

attend to him o
attend to him the
god within do not
feed him late nights and
dissipation overdoing it in
terms of food and drink 
and have him labouring
to clean and clean
all your self-inflicted

keep him warm o
keep him clean have him
sitting in peace and quietly
smiling clothed in white
hands raised in

save her o
save her from her own
profanation from flaunting
of her rose that
should be sacred and
secreted and
only to be shared with one
worthy let her
keep her breasts clothed
her maidenhood 
veiled never exposed

attend to them o
attend them the
gods within three
in one they wait
for you to grow your
sacred self in them
and have a green
plant flowering
white and clean not 
red and blotched sprouting

love them o love
them the ones who
exist only for you to
grow into your own
chalice clean and
shining with 
water that is holy and
blessed by your best
efforts to be
faithful and true
in service of the
beautiful vessel
that is you
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