The Unknown Boy

How sad I am - submerged, suffering an
Invasion of darkness like a fog 
When you are gone - I require your long
Thin limbs, your presence - we are kin,
Alike-spirited our souls mate - mine,
Intact, an exhibit for your friends, I
Cannot comprehend the emptiness that is
When I leave your arms. 

My mind a dusky thing, unbefriended,
Hasty and too alarmed, too enemied.
I pine for faces torn from mine 
In other times, places - one moment 
Only are you mine - I, still child, would forego 
All to drink again of your dark force -
Oh the feel of it, the touch of the actual -
The live fact of all you are is real -

Heal, heal, heal, heal, heal, heal, heal, heal.
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