The Sun Days

And these are my
Days in the sun I have
Found them in such
Fragrant air and summer.

I stare up at the boughs
Of my own tree and
Rest easy here, the
Fields full below me.

And the land slopes down to the
Sea in the distance, glittering 
Bluely in ripples, incessant 
Lines fretting the far

Horizon.  The birds come here
With their music, hopping and 
Nesting in my branches.
The berries are plentiful.

All my people have gone but
I am ringing-out like a
Church bell in celebration:
Alive and in no pain.

I will reside in them -
Recline in these full summer
Days, enjoy my
Blue sky and golden

Fields.  Et In Arcadia
Ego.  And no-one 
Can take them away.  
I have arrived.  I will stay.
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