Rotating the Position

I am horizontal when I
Deal with people, my
Rim keeps them at
Bay as I spin within
My own core - fling them
Off by centrifugal force
So they do not 
Harm - emit 
Light through my 
Spokes radiating
Health from the central
Beam.  I bless them
In my spinning.

I am vertical when 
Travelling, my
Rim rolls
Lightly on the ground.
I hold still within my
Hub, face the way I
Go, ensure I
Do not disrupt my
Course with 
Obstacles unseen.
With my sandal-strap
On, footing the  
Egyptian - I am

Shaduf drawing Nile
Water for the
Needy - I am
Water wheels moving
Grinding stones for
Corn to bake
The people's bread -
A circular
Crusading thread of 
Universe that stitches
Time in shifting
Spirals - the
Ascending lines of God.
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