The Sieves

We are the sieves
Of God's love, every
Act of love is a
Piece of God - we are
Tiny shards of his vast
Picture - us his miniscule
Pieces of crimson glass. 

He shattered himself
At the beginning, gave
Birth to his love and he
Sent all the blood of it
Out to the world
That it might live and be
Sifted through us, every

Drop of his love to be 
Strained, re-gathered, contained.
We are his colanders, through
Us he pours his love, he
Filters it through us, uses
Us as his containers, his
Experience of love, every

Possible variation, he
Manifests, he
Sieves through our beings - he is
Learning all the shapes and
Sizes, colours, varieties
Of love that can 
Exist in our world.

He is gathering every drop
Sieved back in - they are 
Our offerings of loving, re-
Filling his ocean to
Make him whole again and
Brim with his own love.  When
He has known and lived this

Kaleidoscope, has felt every 
Loving permutation, he will 
Be deep and quiet, 
Vast and replete as he was - 
A still sea complete with the
Drops of his own being 
Absorbed back in -

One whole loving perfectness 
Comprising all the shards we were
Across our timeless centuries 
Dripping red with care.  We 
Have sieved and served his
Pouring of his own heart's love
Back into himself.  We will 

Coalesce together in a perfect
Love of being a complete
Sea again - a sea of glass 
Ready to shatter
And bear his
Love abroad 
In shards of vivid red.
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