The Second Journey

I must break 
This suffocating shell
That prompts my
Automatic reactions 
Reflective of its brittleness -
Crack its surface
Inadequacy, kick
Myself free,
Let my heart's ground lie
Soft and strong from
Which I grow my tree. 

Your place within is
Green and richly loamed -
From its living waters 
I must draw a new being.
I must grow freely 
Up and out from this
Constriction, roots tapping the
Source that feeds my strength,
Courage, wisdom, gives the
Grace and prowess that is 
My sustenance. 

I must burst open
This prison, my
Own egg I never left. 
No longer am I babe
But adult, thriving, growing
Stronger in new air.
I must reach down there
To the spring where 
Your being spills its 
Richnesses and
Feed my action.  

I must
Learn to be authentic in
Facing your deep and
Hidden place.  I must let 
Its welling depths sustain
To live worthily up
Here.  I must shatter the brittle
Shell of my illusion, my 
Redundant egg cocoon to
Be the spreading tree I am meant
To be all rustling and windy.  I must 

Be as I was meant to be -
The pattern for your mouth's
Heart and intention. 
I must sow myself the
Breeze for you and breathe
As you have asked.
I am not the babe all
Blue and done - I will
Crack the first to live within
The second skin for this 
Second journeying.
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