The Riddle 2

I can solve the riddle of my heart ..

She flashed at me from a distance
the sun was shining and there was
love between us
our love was the sun, undimmed
by time or the burning of it

it shines through me now
from a distance
I flash at you, catching the
sun in my glass
can you see me
can you see my heart burning
no tears could put it out

I flashed back at you
from the mirror of me
I flashed love
from the top of the mountain
in the cold rushing air
whilst you held that mirror
in the lush grass
so far away

there was love between us
there is no space we cannot cross

She flashed at me with joy
it said	go
		be strong
		be well
		be you

we love you
we will always love you
and I see you
		from here I can see you

in the sun
in the cold rushing air
from the distance
way down there in the lush grass

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