My Virtue

Only a man would think
that my Virtue lies in
an open or closed
vagina -

rather, my virtue lies in
my goodness and
integrity - my good heart -
and my steady

and the strength of my limbs
that have paddled and
piloted, driven and
ridden my boat in 
all-weather seas

against all comers
against all disease

the best part of me
is hard work and good
intention, all the days
of my life in love
the small moment of care

and the true grit
it took
to get me here

all the years
of walking and cut feet,
the getting up
after defeat
and the finding of the
right pew
in the church:

my place in family
in love
in work and endeavour
in study and library
in all-weather

beyond the sane barrier,
on tarmac,
with needle and twine -
all the days are mine
the good and the few.
My Vertue.

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