The Real Flame

these slender threads
these wisps of being
unreal insubstantial untrue
and then there's you - your
strength of body and
of mind your
laugh and skin the
world you're in, the
substance of it earth
and bone you
anchor me you
pin me down to the
real the true the
life yet to be lived all
full and thorough, the
plans we make in
time and space a
saving grace you
fight all my ghosts, make
me make the most of
moments and days
you fill my mind
with your trust, your
ways - what
am I to do with
you - your living
emblem close
to my heart your
knowledge of a life
which I am but
a part that strikes
small and blue:
pilot light I
kept alive till
I met you the
burning flame of
starlight bright
and new, in your
strength I am
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