The Beginning

Interplay of thoughts like
birds flitting through the air
the pasts of life
alive and dead
people weaving threads and
ghosting faces - assailed
in the silence - life
the unknown being
running away from you like children
laughing and playing, lined
skin holding
pieces within, the unknown
future a figment of the mind
only, the days left to live
alive and lonely, this
eve of all, the important day
tomorrow, the moments sway
brimming and lighted like
candles in array, the small
burnings warm, are
fires to hold your
hands toward, the forward
momentum that leaves behind,
fall and bare trees the
markers of our seasons,
the wheel turns and
heralds spring, birdsong and
flowers, the child being
born our dream of
better things, the perfectings
we reach for but
cannot grasp.   The door
opens and smiling friends
welcome us in.
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