The Mirrored Pool

and in the hours of trying
there are still pools, reflective,
deep, deep, no diving them
but, blinding in the light
dancing on the mirror-water
reflecting who you are now,
	in this instant of breath,
gathered, all the cells
living, refreshing, the body
holds all the ills, the
unseen ones that
drown the wearer
in still pools
if the dancing light
paining the eyes
did not refract
the past and make it
splinter - sound-silent
and crash in memory
so deep, deep, no
diving it
as it flows over stones
wearing them smooth
and flash against spurs
of rocks rough
and challenging - 
who am I now - 
venn diagram of then
and now, the join
	the section
inter- integer- integrate
I walk the lines
	of circle, of corner
and turn
and the past as flame
it burns all the heart,

if I could reverse -
	go back -
make it better, different,
not what it is -
I could maybe
change the colour of the
water, today, as it
hits my eyes
in white light
like a star
and claim them back -
	the hours
	the people, those
people I love

to sanction all that I am
all that I have done
and bless me in
3D with colour and
water, to re-baptise me
	in the light
of the still pool, reflective

in my day
in the hours of trying
when the heart fails
and the body drops
	in the light

dancing on the mirror-water
reflecting who I am
a shadow in white light
of the morning

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