No Way Out

There is no going back
the way is shut
he took the wrong road
years ago and
far away - I cannot
see him now from here,
all this way on
and he does not know
to wave, and is not
aware of danger: so
deep in bad terrain
he neither recognises it
nor cares.  I am glad
I am not there - the
view from here is
different and the crop
in my fields is
of a different colour
and substance - you cannot
help a bad farmer
who refuses to heed
his bad seed.

One day he will find 
his crop bitter
and sour in the mouth.
Nature teaches us
that it will out -
we are what we do
what we choose
and what we choose to grow
our deeds make us
and we live life
by our wares.

I would not buy 
what he is selling
and his outlook
is not fair, this

strange stranger
who was my brother once,
once, long ago, when he was here.

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