The Emblem

4 decades of 10
And I will be finally
Emerging from my chrysalis
The cocoon that held me in
Till I was ready and could
Bloom - a rare flower
Nurtured and fed
Watered and loved
Till now
With all the feeders gone
And only echoes left
Of their hands their eyes
I need them not
To prise my own skin apart
And emerge
Fully grown in my
All purple and green light
Brimming within
My own sun red
Given me to feed
My action ...
I will make such a
Beauty when I
Come out of my 
Sealed place -
They will gasp and
Point and wave their
Hands at my flying
Grace but I will
Press all I know
To paper - pour my
Life on the page -
A fleeting paradigm
Of life borne
By us all 
In this place
Fed and nurtured, 
Watered, loved:
Catch the echo
Of his hands and eyes
My wings are
Emblem of.
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