The Design

My days of wine and roses
My day in the sun
Not long  not long
My being knows it, it is coming
It will come
And home will be
Back where I began
The child within the woman's eyes
Grown, finally grown,
And I will be
Warm, and known, I will be
Not alone
And I will have done
With time and sorrow, loss and
Bone, I will tell them
I have done
All they asked of me
And my sun will burn
My roses bloom
And I will toast my mother's health
With love of self long won
And ease my burden down
My growing season blooming, blooming,
Long come
Long grown towards
Completion and the light
And the pattern will be drawn
By the designer, folded and
Taken home - I will be given leave
To leave the fight and be
My wine and roses - all profusion
Shining in the light.
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